La Posada Interim Housing Program for Homeless Families

Opening its doors to Hispanic and non-Hispanic families alike, La Posada Interim Housing Program has been offering housing and support to homeless families since 1989.

La Posada seeks to place families in their own independent and permanent housing within 120 days. The program strives to assist families in moving from homelessness to permanent housing.

La Posada is made unique by the comprehensive network of supportive services it offers, a factor which ensures maximum participation and a high success rate. The program provides childcare, transportation, food, clothing and emergency cash. Supportive services include life skills education, family literacy, counseling, nutrition education, and financial management to help families regain and sustain self-sufficiency.

Participants at La Posada also have access to the following services: counseling, referral to alcohol/drug rehabilitation, nutrition education, domestic violence intervention, financial management, food, clothing, transportation, relocation assistance, and public assistance advocacy. Medical services are coordinated through nearby community health centers and hospitals. In addition, monthly workshops help families deal with a variety of other concerns ranging from financial planning to the use of public transportation.

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