Participant Satisfaction

Casa Central's participants play a valuable role in sustaining the quality of the agency through their active participation via surveys, parent council meetings, work planning processes, etc.

Specifically, our annual participant satisfaction survey measures and analyzes the satisfaction of the services being offered. Feedback received from participants provides the opportunity for ongoing service delivery improvements. The following are FY'17 results.



Reported they were included in decisions about their case and the services they received







Early Learning Academy

"Casa Central is doing a great job. My daughter has improved in so many areas: social, emotional and much more."

Early Learning Academy

El Comienzo Adolescent Parenting Program

" This program has improved my quality of life, and gave me more confidence as a parent."

El Comienzo Adolescent Parenting Program


Reported that staff were sensitive and respectful of their ethnic and cultural background


Our Programs

Youth Opportunities Unlimited Y.O.U.

"Y.O.U. helps me with my homework, respects me for who I am as a person, and I never feel left out."

Youth Opportunities Unlimited (Y.O.U.)

Adult Wellness Center

"Ever since I came here I have felt better, and I want to keep coming for as long as I can."

Adult Wellness Center

Reported that their first contact with their program was positive



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