Our Mission
Casa Central transforms lives and strengthens communities with a special focus on Hispanics. Our network of services propels a diverse population of all ages toward self-sufficiency and a higher quality of life.
Casa Central, the largest Hispanic social service agency in the Midwest, celebrates its 60th Anniversary this year.  Since 1954, Casa Central has delivered evidenced based, award winning programming in response to the needs of the Hispanic community.   
Through comprehensive, family-centered programming, Casa Central is the conduit by which thousands of individuals build hope for the future while equipping themselves to achieve a sustainable, higher quality of life to the benefit of self, family, community and society.   

This Holiday Season
Share a little of what you have with those who don't

Casa Central has built upon its mission to transform lives for the past 60 years.  This Holiday Season your gift to Casa Central, of any amount, can help change a life like the Reyes family of eight who we housed during the coldest winter on record.  The family had come upon hard times and was without heat or basic staples.  

Without Casa Central, they could have been separated. Today, the kids are back in school, the parents have employment and you helped make it happen.  From children, to seniors and individuals, we work tirelessly to help make dreams come true. 

Please support our efforts this holiday season and contribute to the transformation of the lives in our community. 


Merry Christmas and thank you for your generosity. 
Ann Alvarez, President and CEO

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See Videos Below: Mayor Emanuel at Annual Dinner; Ann Alvarez's Remarks






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