Casa Central Statement on the Verdict in the Murder Trial of Derek Chauvin


We can all finally breathe again, but only momentarily. For months we have held our collective breath, wondering if justice for George Floyd would be served, or whether it would be denied. With yesterday’s verdict of guilty on all counts against Derek Chauvin for the murder of George Floyd, we can exhale; however much more needs to be done to ensure that there are no more Derek Chauvins taking the lives of more George Floyds.

The communities we serve have been traumatized and retraumatized by the killing of Mr. Floyd, Daunte Wright and Adam Toledo. However, we stand in solidarity with all those who are gathered in the streets and squares of Chicago and America to welcome the verdict, while we continue to mourn the loss of Mr. Floyd and many others. Today, the work of advocacy for reform and renewal begins again in earnest.


Martin R. Castro

President & CEO

Casa Central

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