Casa Central is powered by a selfless and passionate community of volunteers who seek a challenging and rewarding opportunity to provide a higher quality of life to children, youth, older adults, and families. Current volunteer opportunities are now available. To inquire please email volunteers@casacentral.org.  

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Volunteer Opportunities Include:

Ø Arts and crafts creation

Ø Reading

Ø Administrative help

Ø Homework Help

Ø Mentoring

Ø Special event planning

Ø Resume building / Job readiness workshops

Ø Facility improvement projects such as painting or landscaping

Process & requirements for individual volunteers:

  • A willingness to help
  • Submit your interest to volunteer by clicking here
  • Some volunteer positions may require background checks and other compliance documents prior to providing service. 
  • Any individual providing volunteer servies on an ongoing basis will be required to go through onboarding and orientation with the Advancement Officer. 
  • Introduction to Program Director and staff
  • Tour of Program
  • Ideas to bring to the program you are volunteering with
  • An understanding of the agency and the services it provides

Process & requirements for volunteer groups:

  • A willingness to help
  • Contact Volunteer Coordinator at volunteers@casacentral.org
  • Establish Budget (if applicable)
  • Ideas to bring to the program you are volunteering with
  • Provide contact information for all volunteers in group
  • Volunteer orientation with Volunteer Coordinator
  • Introduction to Program Director and staff
  • Signed waiver form
  • An understanding of the agency and the services it provides

All programs, unless otherwise indicated, are open from 9 a.m. - 6 p.m. Monday-Friday




"Volunteering at Casa Central’s Adult Wellness Center was a really fun experience. I got to see everybody extremely happy while enjoying each other’s presence as we played dominos and talked with them about their experiences growing up.


This was an amazing experience for me. I got to spend time with people in a new way and make new connections.




I felt very welcomed by the staff and the members of the Casa Central community. When I went to meet with the children, all that joy in the room made it so much easier to connect with them.



"My experience at Casa Central was just magical. The best part of hanging out with all the beautiful people was being able to connect with them and hear their stories."


Help Inspire Lifelong Learning Among Children, Older Adults, Families and individuals!