About Us


Casa Central is one of the largest Latino social service agencies in the Midwest. Since 1954, Casa Central has delivered evidenced-based, award-winning programming in response to the needs of the Latino community. Through comprehensive, family-centered programming, Casa Central is the conduit through which thousands of individuals build hope for the future while equipping themselves to achieve a sustainable, higher quality of life for the benefit of self, family, community and society.



 Casa Central is registered with the Attorney General's Office and compliant with Illinois reporting requirements. 

For more information about our programs, please call 773.645.2300. 

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NOTICE: Casa Central is not associated with the nursing home facility located at 1401 N. California Ave., Chicago, IL (Center Home Property, LLC). Center Home is not owned, operated nor in any way affiliated with Casa Central. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the nursing home, Center Home for Hispanic Elderly, please contact them directly at (773) 782-8700.

If you are seeking information regarding programs for older adults, Casa Central does offer Home Care Services and the Adult Wellness Center, which is a day service. Contact Casa Central directly for more information at 773-645-2300.

Help Inspire Lifelong Learning Among Children, Older Adults, Families and individuals!