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La Posada Interim Housing for Families Experiencing Homelessness

Families experiencing homelessness must call 311 for the Emergency Homeless Assessment and Response Center (EHARC) at Salvation Army Shield of Hope for placement in family programs like La Posada, when there is a vacancy. All families seeking shelter within the city of Chicago limits, must call 311 for assistance. La Posada checks in with the city 3 times each day to report our bed count so that they can send families when there is space available. La Posada is funded through a combination of public and private funding: Housing Urban Development (HUD),  Chicago's Department of Family and Support Services (CDFSS), the Greater Chicago Food Depository, and Private Foundations.


La Posada’s main goal is to restore families who are experiencing homelessness to stable and permanent living situations by providing interim housing. In addition to housing, La Posada provides case management and support services to identify each family's strengths and needs, working to address the root causes of homelessness and preventing recurrence.


services offered by LA posada

resized_image_-_12_30_2020_(2)Educational Community Access and Alternatives to Training/Employment (EDUCATE)

This service was created to fulfill a demand for computer education to assist the homeless population with school, employment, and ultimately independence. Additionally, the EDUCATE service has an unconditional mission to support community living, has the responsibility to restore and develop the capacity of families to live independently, productively, and develop a sense of commitment to continuing education for increasing self-worth and employability.

EDUCATE develops, promotes, and supports a short and/or a long-term plan for every participant who enrolls in this service. Despite the barriers of homelessness, this service-designed training promotes career pathways leading people to cultivate new skills to discover new networks of employability and to pursue further education.





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Eligibility Criteria

Upon initial contact, families referred to La Posada must meet certain eligibility criteria prior to entry into the program:

  • Must provide verification of homelessness
  • Must meet Income Poverty Guidelines
  • Applicant must be an adult over the age of 18 with minor children

At La Posada, once a family is determined to be eligible and has entered the program, they work with a Family Support Case Manager. As a family-centered program, La Posada provides services that are designed to identify the unique needs of each individual family through a service plan. Case managers advocate on behalf of the participants as needs are identified in order to help them become self-sufficient and assist families as they apply for benefits acquisition and other necessary services. During their temporary stay at La Posada, each participant has access to on-site supportive services that include food, clothing from donations, transportation vouchers, babysitting, pre-vocational training/job readiness, ESL, and financial literacy.

To learn more, call La Posada’s main line at 773.782.8820.

Emergency Housing

If you or someone you know is experiencing homelessness or is in need of emergency housing:

  • Go to the nearest hospital or police station for assistance with shelter.
  • Call 311. You will be directed the nearest pick-up point to be taken to a shelter or ask for Short-Term Help.
  • Visit Direct2Housing, an online tool that allows you to search for housing information on your own. You can click on each of the results to see contact information, eligibility criteria, and application process for supportive housing programs.
  • Visit the City of Chicago’s list of Warming/Cooling Centers for other helpful resources.
  • Visit All Chicago - Making Homelessness History for other resources and solutions that ensure and sustain the stability of home.
  • Visit the Cook County Continuum of Care website for information on emergency housing resources in suburban cook county.


NOTICE: Casa Central is not associated with the nursing home facility located at 1401 N. California Ave., Chicago, IL (Center Home Property, LLC). Center Home is not owned, operated nor in any way affiliated with Casa Central. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the nursing home, Center Home for Hispanic Elderly, please contact them directly at (773) 782-8700.

If you are seeking information regarding programs for older adults, Casa Central does offer Home Care Services and the Adult Wellness Center, which is a day service. Contact Casa Central directly for more information at 773-645-2300.

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