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At Casa Central, we believe that everyone deserves the chance to reach their full potential. For 67 years, Casa Central has helped thousands of children, older adults, and families by working to keep children and families safe, in their homes, in school, and in our center.​ Through comprehensive, family-centered programming, Casa Central is the conduit through which thousands of individuals build hope for the future while equipping themselves to achieve a sustainable, higher quality of life for the benefit of self, family, community and society.



Diana* and her three children became homeless after Diana made the decision to separate from a violent partner. With the support of La Posada staff and community partners, Diana was able to begin divorce proceedings, enrolled in a program to complete her Bachelor's Degree in Criminal Justice, and secured employment. 




Ella*, a participant in the Adult Wellness Center, was saddened when the pandemic shuttered the program. Adult Wellness Center staff quickly pivoted and were able to provide remote services by either phone or video calls. Ella was overjoyed to continue receiving support and company through her calls with Adult Wellness Center staff and says, "Every week I have my breakfast, drink my coffee, and sit down and wait for my call from Casa Central."




Anne* sought the support and guidance of Casa Central's School Age Program when she noticed that her son Julio was displaying behavioral issues and he was struggling with e-learning. SAP staff were able to build a better bond and line of communication with both Anne, Julio, and his teachers that to this day is better able to support Julio and establish processes that enable successful e-learning. 




Marta*, whose father has Alzheimer's, is grateful for Casa Central's Home Care Services and the aide assigned to her father. "I know how difficult it is to work with my father due to his condition and the Home Care Aide has helped so very much! She is not only patient with him, but she treats and speaks to him with affection and respect, and even sings to him. I am very grateful for all that she does for my father."




Janet* was referred to Casa Central’s Intact Family Services by DCFS where she successfully completed parenting classes. Janet states that her learned coping skills, which she implements when she is under stress frustration, allows her to enjoy her relationship with her daughter on a whole new level. 





Carmen* arrived at Casa Central’s Violence Prevention & Intervention program after an altercation between her daughter and her partner. Carmen admits that at first, she disliked the Child Parent Psychotherapy (CPP) treatment, but now realizes that this program has made her aware of the impact trauma has had on her daughter. Several months after continuing treatment, Carmen was granted the return of her daughter and they work together to heal their relationship. 




Rosie*, a homeless parent from our Early Learning Academy (ELA) Center-Based program who came to us from La Posada, was able to obtain and move into her own apartment with support from La Posada and encouragement from ELA. Rosie is presently in school seeking an Associate’s Degree in Early Childhood, stating she was inspired by the teachers and team at ELA. 




Sara* did not use words during her first sessions with Casa Central’s Early Learning (ELA) Home-Based program staff and communicated only with signs. After just a few visits, Sara began to use words and can now combine two to three words to form sentences and can count up to 10! Sara is also able to follow instruction and recently was able to write her name. Sara’s mother admitted that she didn’t think Sara would be able to advance and praises Casa Central for the tremendous progress Sara has made in such a short time.


* Name was changed in the story so as to protect the identity of the parent and child.

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