Mission, Values, Impact


our mission

Rooted in our history of serving Latinos, we provide high quality services, in culturally diverse communities, that engage and empower individuals and families to thrive.


our vision

Through our advocacy and service, individuals, families, and communities reach their fullest potential and thrive.

Core values


Believing that everyone has the potential to improve their quality of life.


Casa Central fosters and embraces new experiences and change in the face adversity, as catalysts for growth and development.


We respect each person's own culture and identity, drawing upon the strength and diversity of our staff and the communities we serve to create positive social change.


We strive to consistently provide the highest quality of service, integrity, and respect to the individuals and families we serve.


our impact


For information on Casa Central's Fiscal Year 2023 data, see our end-of-the year Impact Report.




NOTICE: Casa Central is not associated with the nursing home facility located at 1401 N. California Ave., Chicago, IL (Center Home Property, LLC). Center Home is not owned, operated nor in any way affiliated with Casa Central. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the nursing home, Center Home for Hispanic Elderly, please contact them directly at (773) 782-8700.

If you are seeking information regarding programs for older adults, Casa Central does offer Home Care Services and the Adult Wellness Center, which is a day service. Contact Casa Central directly for more information at 773-645-2300.

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