COVID-19 has impacted us all. We have seen it touch the lives of our clients, our families, our friends, and ourselves.


  • During this pandemic, more than 40 states issued some form of stay-at-home order. This time has significantly impacted victims of Domestic Violence, especially if confined with the person who uses violence.
  • Numerous media reports indicated huge spikes in calls to Interpersonal Violence hotlines, sometimes doubling and tripling the typical number of requests for help, after stay-in-place orders were mandated.
  • Domestic Violence is rooted in the person who uses violence exercising power and control over their partner. The Power and Control wheel showcases general tactics in domestic violence relationships. COVID-19 has influenced additional tactics used such as violating boundaries, preying on fear of contagion, interfering with efforts to care for or support loved ones, justifying control as a necessity, and using COVID-19 as an excuse for abuse. Please find additional tactics and information here:
Casa Central’s Violence Prevention and Intervention (VPI) team provides Domestic Violence Counseling, Crisis Intervention, Safety Planning, and Linkage to resources and community partners. During the pandemic, VPI has seen a significant increase in Domestic Violence referrals.  If any program or community partner would like to learn more about domestic violence, the VPI team would be happy to facilitate a training or conversation.
Contact our VPI team at 773.645.2300 or click here for more information about this program.
Please take time during #DomesticViolenceAwarenessMonth to reflect, learn, advocate, and support to break the cycle of violence.
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Tune in to learn more about Domestic Violence on the Casa Central Podcast.
- October 14- DV Awareness Month/Staying Safe
- October 28- DV Awareness Month/Conversations with the Community
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