2021 Awards Gala


#iluminandoelcamino / #Illuminatingthepath Awards gala 2021


#IluminandoElCamino / #IlluminatingThePath celebrates our dedication and commitment to be the light along the path for the hundreds of individuals, children, families, and older adults that rely on Casa Central's network of services. This year's theme reinforces our belief that every person should be honored and afforded the opportunity to empower themselves, all the while, we help by Illuminating the Path. Casa Central va 'Iluminando El Camino' by way of support, resources, education, training, supplies and countless other services, which are only made possible by our supporters' generosity.


We look forward to celebrating with you on

Friday, October 8, 2021 | 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM

Hilton Chicago Grand Ballroom

720 South Michigan Ave, Chicago, IL 60605 


reception: 6:00 PM

welcome & Dinner: 7:00 PM

awards: 8:00 PM

entertainment: 9:00 PM




We would be honored to have you join us in celebrating #Iluminandoelcamino...




Transforming lives since 1954...



Our mission

Casa Central transforms lives and strengthens communities, with a special focus on Hispanics. Our network of social services propels a diverse population of all ages toward self-sufficiency and a higher quality of life.


about us

Casa Central is one of the largest Hispanic social service agencies in the Midwest. Since 1954, Casa Central has delivered evidence based, award winning programming in response to the needs of the Hispanic community. 

Through comprehensive, family-centered programming, Casa Central is a conduit through which thousands of individuals build hope for the future while equipping themselves to achieve a sustainable, higher quality of life for the benefit of self, family, community, and society.


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host committee



Martin R.



President & CEO

Casa Central





Vice President of Advancement 

Casa Central





SVP, Digital Service | Wealth Management

Northern Trust  

Casa Central - Board Member

Advancement Committee, Chairperson



thank you to our 2021 sponsors!


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your support makes a difference.


read diana's STORYDay_of_Hope_-_6821_-_Diana_Pic_(5)

Diana and her three children became homeless after Diana made the decision to separate from a violent partner. The family struggled to find a stable living situation, bouncing from friend to friend and shelter to shelter, before being referred to Casa Central's La Posada program.

With the support of La Posada staff and the program's wide range of community partners, Diana was able to begin divorce proceedings, enroll in a program to complete her Bachelor's Degree in Criminal Justice, and secure employment. While staying at La Posada, Diana was also able to save more than $1,000 to support her and her family as they transitioned to permanent housing.

Ultimately, after exploring her options with the support of the La Posada team, Diana chose to move to Aurora, Colorado, where she and her children are happily enjoying their own apartment and wonderful new adventures. Diana shares that La Posada staff provided her with the support she needed to achieve this milestone and became independent.




can support an older adult for one full day in Casa Central's Adult Wellness Center with activities to to improve or maintain cognitive, physical, and emotional well being.



can provide one month of high-quality therapy sessions to assist families as they heal after experiencing domestic violence.





can provide each child in Casa Central's youth programs with a full-day of nutritious meals, better equipping them to become lifelong learners. 




can provide much-needed improvements and equipment to Casa Central's EDUCATE program, which supports job training and skills development for adults seeking gainful employment.



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Help Inspire Lifelong Learning Among Children, Older Adults, Families and individuals!