Month of Hope

June, 2020

Each year, Casa Central's Month of Hope highlights the agency's network of programs and brings the community together for a variety of community-based activities that are centered around our programming, relevant topics of discussion, and resources for our participants and community. Through Month of Hope support, Casa Central can continue to provide vital services such as early childhood education, after school time support and older adult care.

This year's events are inspired on #FuturoIsLatina, a concept with which Casa Central brings recognition to the impact and success of all Latina women who have been a part of Casa Central's past, present, and are working on its future. These strong Latina leaders, women of vision, action, and commitment to support Casa Central’s mission of transforming lives are a source of inspiration for all women in our community to be part of the change, to work hard, execute their vision, and live their passion. 

Join us during Month of Hope as we celebrate 



          NETWORKING                                 COMMUNITY                                   COMMUNITY

             RECEPTION                                          FORUM                                         HEALTH EXPO

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More details on each event to come

For sponsorship opportunities please contact Keelie Johnson at 

or 773-645-2322. you can also VIEW OUR PARTNERSHIP MENU HERE

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